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Poster: cd3838 Date: Aug 16, 2005 6:47am
Forum: etree Subject: top 10 grateful dead shows

I'm fairly new to the grateful dead, and my initial reaction to this archive was disbelief followed quickly by a feeling of being overwhelmed! I dont know where to start. Anyone care to give me their top 10 list of dead shows? :-)

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Poster: drjoek Date: Aug 16, 2005 8:38am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: top 10 grateful dead shows

Dude Get on the Bus All are welcome
Its a nice delemna to have to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of whats here and everywhere. You want my favorites I would list the following
9/2/68 Betty Nelsons Organic Raspberry Farm
Get a hold of 2/27-3/ 69 somehow
5/15/70 Fillmore East
Europe 72 Get some 5/11/72 Rotterdam
12/6/73 Cleveland yeah I said Cleveland
Winterland 74 all or some
8/13/75 You must
Boston Music Hall 6/76
5/8/77 is the touchstone maybe overrated but maybe not
I like Egypt 78 not everyone does though
10/29/79 Cape Cod Si senor
My second show 10/31/80 Acoustic dead NYC
Check out benefit concert12/6/80 a little piece of something fun
6/28/85 Hershey in the rain
Get the last show 7/9/95 listen to So many roads and Black Muddy River(sniff sniff)

That should be a few things to try to get a flavor it is by no means complete or particularly noteworthy but Ive enjoyed them
Listen learn and enjoy Once your on the bus with us you may never leave. My Bumper sticker says it all
"Who are the grateful Dead and why do they keep following Me??? "

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Poster: JackStrawFromWichita Date: Aug 16, 2005 12:01pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: top 10 grateful dead shows

Stratocaster has posted a detailed top ten-list with explanations and a long list of runners-up...check it out

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Poster: EstPrpht08/12/79 Date: Aug 16, 2005 5:17pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: top 10 grateful dead shows

What I find fascinating is the diversity in people's "must haves". It's such a strange thing to me that my favorites aren't listed!

I put mine in order of must download:

2-26-77 The Swing.
6-14-76 Perfect Cassidy.
4-29-71 Hard to Handle.
8-06-71 a "magical" audience recording.
5-5 thru 5-9-77 get them all.
5-26-73. Kezar.
3-01-69. Second set St.Stephen>Eleven>Lovelight
10-27-79 Brent shines new light....
9-20-90 for a final dash of flavor....

One last thought, I find that DeadBase's rankings are weighted towards tapers old school tradings and the setlists, not so much the music. For instance if a show has a song's first appearance it gets ranked higher, or if Darkstar is played anywhere it seems this show ranks higher even if the rest of the show doesn't.

enjoy the music....

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Poster: grendelschoice Date: Aug 16, 2005 7:17pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: top 10 grateful dead shows

Welcome! The archive is the next best thing to having been there, which was of course, beyond description.

I've already seen many worthy Top 10's listed here but i'll offer up just one and I promise you won't be disappointed: 10-29-77, Dekalb, Illinois.

A perfect show all the way through w/incredibly high energy and stand-outs that include my all time favorite JACK STRAW, SUGAR MAGNOLIA (Mickey & Billy go temporarily insane), EYES OF THE WORLD (jazzy, groovy & hot all at the same time), ST. STEPHEN (Jerry almost makes it a blues number) & MIGHT AS WELL (when Jerry sings "Never had such a good time/In my Life before!" you'll automatically smile.

This show is worth a million downloads but you only have to do it once!

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Poster: Fishead Date: Aug 16, 2005 10:48pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: top 10 grateful dead shows

9-19-70 best darkstar!
Dark Star> St. Stephen> NFA> Darkness Jam

4-17-71 sick good lovin/classic pig!

9-21-72 some say best show of '72
Dark Star>Mind Left Body Jam>Morning Dew!!

10-25-73 Dark Star> Mind Left Body Jam> Dark Star> Eyes> Stella Blue

2-22-74 Eyes> China Doll> Wharf Rat

5-16-81 Shakedown> Bertha> Sailor> Saint> Spanish Jam> Drumz> Truckin> Nobody's Jam> Stella Blue> GDTRFB>saturday Night E: Uncle John

5-22-82 Lazy Lightning>supplication>Deal

10-11-83 st. stephen breakout!!!

3-30-88 Shakedown>L. L.Rain>Uncle John>Playin> Uncle John

7-4-89 pure jerry!!
Watchtower> Morning Dew> NFA

and so many more..........

peace and jerry on!!!

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Poster: gfink Date: Aug 16, 2005 7:21am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: top 10 grateful dead shows

Tough question! Here's some of my favorites. Each time period for the Dead is different, as you probably know. :) Plus, some of the Dead's best shows aren't available here because they are available as Dick's Picks, like 2/14/70.

So keep that in mind as you look at these. Some eras have multiple shows so if you like the first one, go for the others afterwards. :)


Look at other sites, perhaps, for 2/27/69 and 3/01/69 - ESSENTIAL


5/26/72 (get this first from this group of shows)


6/10/73 (get this first)

8/13/75 (also available as One For The Vault)



For really interesting early stuff, I wouldn't call best, but quite different:


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Poster: lostmoon Date: Aug 16, 2005 7:06am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: top 10 grateful dead shows

There are a ton of great shows. Two I like are 11.11.73 & 3.29.90.

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Poster: adedhed68 Date: Aug 17, 2005 2:07am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: top 10 grateful dead shows

I downloaded the 1989 Greek Theater run and I have to say, these three shows RRROOCKKK!!! Phil is all over it!! Great late 80's Dead!!!

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Poster: rtarturo Date: Aug 17, 2005 12:32am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: top 10 grateful dead shows

Here are a couple that may not get mention as top tens, but that I've had recommended to me lately and have really enjoyed:

1974-07-21, this was recommended as an example of an aud recording that captured the feel of the wall sound, very nice.

1972-10-18, very nice jamming and song transitions in the second set, some don't like that Bobby is a little high in the mix, if that matters to you.

1972-08-27, Veneta Oregon, this one DOES belong on any top ten list, you'll need to go to gdlive for it:

You will also find 1969s 02-27, 03-01, 03-02 at that site and these are essential.

What I usually do is find a year I know I like, or have heard is particularly good, and that browse for shows that have high ratings with a lot of reviews, I figure if a lot of people like the show then it's worth checking out.

Enjoy it,
I certainly have.

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Poster: A Dude Date: Oct 23, 2005 7:06am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: top 10 grateful dead shows

I was at 74-07-21 (amongst many other shows).

It was at the Hollywood Bowl, so there was a unique combination of outdoor acoustics (which helps sound quality by not having early reflections from walls that smear sound), while having the Bowl terrain that provide some amount of reverberation (otherwise outdoors sound can be a little too "dry" if there is no reflection at all).

The result was ideal for the sound system. Phil seemed particularly enthused and tried all sorts of unusual bass sounds.

I found a picture from this same show on the web:

GD Wall of Sound system.

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Poster: Out_To_Lunch Date: Aug 18, 2005 1:56am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: top 10 grateful dead shows

Start with Winterland, June 7th, 8th & 9th, 1977.

DL Loss-less. IMHO, these are highest quality recordings you will ever come across. The sound is fully dimensioned and perfectly mixed. Acoustic nuances -like the gravel in Garcias' voice, brassy high hat cymbals and twinkling piano - are all apparant. The subtleties are sublime, the performance perfect - outstanding.

For the next 7, search using "Grateful Dead - Betty Board - 1977" and take your pick of the results - by however or whatever you decide, you're gonna love these recordings.

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Poster: timbenschoter Date: Aug 21, 2005 6:11am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: top 10 grateful dead shows

I have been listening to the dead for some time know and I just recently discovered the beauty of the winterland 77 run.

Let me add a few MSG 9/20/90, 12/31/72,
11/29/80 just no doubt about it kicks butt,
and last but not least greek theater may 82'

ok 1 more or should i say 3


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Poster: adroot02 Date: Aug 16, 2005 7:15am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: top 10 grateful dead shows

It's hard for me to nail down just a few but I just went to my media player and looked around and here's my suggestions for a good starting place:

05-17-1977-Great show all around, great sound quality/favorite Jack-a-Roe and kick ass Big river

05-15-1970-Killer acoustic set with "Silver threads and Golden Needles as my favorite standout

05-11-1972-Killer all the way round

06-09-76-Long slipknot, nice Crazy fingers, Keith kicking ass on Samson.

10-2-1977-One of my all time favorite Scarlet-fire combos

10-30-80-Nice acoustic set containing some of the tunes from the Reckoning album. Great Loser, Nasty Phil tone on Shakedown! Billy Conham sitting in on "Drums" segment

12-31-85- All time favortie versions of Sugaree, Ship of Fools, and Man Smart, Woman Smarter. Whole second set is righteous

10-8, 10-9-89- smoking shows all the way round. Re-emergence of Help-slip-Franklins, First Attics since 1971, first Dark Star since 1984

06-17-91- Killer show with Hornsby-Welnick- My favorite combo of Trunkin>New Speedway Boogie, excellent "Eyes" opener

03-23-92-I love this show because this is the only version of Phil's "Wave To The Wind" that I find listenable and enjoyable.

Well, I hope this helps. there are plenty of other great shows and I'm sure that I won't be the last to chime in. you might even want to check out Blair Jackson's Book, "Goin Down The Road" It has a great section detailing hot shows from 1965 through 1991. Great source for narrowing a very large search area!

Good luck and enjoy!